Digital Ceramic In-Glass Printing

by Dip-Tech

Marepleks is using world leading technology for digital glass printing. We are using Dip-Tech AR series in-glass printer. More information about printer. Dip-Tech digital ceramic inks introduce a new realm of possibilities for ceramic glass printing. These unique inks are fused into the glass to ensure lasting vibrancy and photorealistic color. Inks are fused into the glass by tempering process. Printed glass will be always tempered glass. It means that that the glass cannot be processed later.
Our printer pecs:
max glass size: 3300x4000mm
min glass size: 50x250mm
glass thickness: 2-19mm
Image formats: All popular graphic formats including PDF, PS, EPS, Tiff, BMP and JPEG
Some out of the box designs, you can fit to your application, from here.
In addition to that you can choose desired image from Adobe stock for free.
More information and quotations:+3727303350,

The machinery for thermal tempering of flat glass is from the company Uniglass UniTop UGT Plus. 

The state-of-the-art technology is one of the most advanced in the Baltic States.

  • Thickness (t) of a glass sheet to be tempered: 3.8-19.0 mm
  • Minimum size of a glass sheet to be tempered: 120 x 250 mm
    maximum size t > 4.7 mm 2440 x 4200 mm
                            t < 4.7 mm 1700 x 2500 mm
  • Our tempering machinery provides the entirely new possibility to temper not only hard-coated glass (K-selective, Stopsol, etc.) but also up-to-date and high-quality soft-coated glass (such as Planibel Top NT and ClimaGuard NT low-emission glass, Sun-Guard Solar and Sun-Guard HP HT solar control glass).

A state-of-the-art MASTER BEVEL 2300 glass processing CNC unit manufactured by the Italian company Intermac S.p.a enables:

  • processing of glass or mirror sheets the thickness of which is 3-12 mm (the unit is able to process glass sheets with a maximum thickness of 30 mm)
     minimum size of a glass sheet to be tempered: 300x150 mm
     maximum size: 2300x1400 mm
  • The unit offers a variety of new glass-processing methods such as
    edge processing*
  • bevelling and edging*
    *of straight as well as curved edges
  • hole drilling, including conical holes
  • milling
  • engraving

CNC cutting machinery

Our CNC cutting process creates a perfect cut edge of soft materials such as rubber, foam, plastic and aluminum. Our CNC cutting dont cause overheating and eliminates all the thermal and chemical damages of cut edges. This is the most important advantage of this method of cutting.
CNC Cutting machine enables us to cut glass, including thick glass (up to 19 mm) relatively precisely. We can cut very complicated holes, cut-outs and shapes. It gives to our clients unique opportunity to realize their exclusive ideas. To use advanced different glass fittings (Dorma, John Berger, etc.) you need for that very precise processed glass. To due to our CNC Cutting machine it all is for your disposal.